Anti-Radiation Food For the White-Collar

To be able to struggle against the computer radiation, we should pay more focus on the diet and take in more anti-radiation food.
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Some red fruits like tomato, watermelon and white grapefruit are our great choice. All of these fruits are abundant with lycopene, which is a kind of safety quipment that will avoid oxidation. Among all fruits, tomato has the best amount of lycopene. Lycopene could be the strongest carotenoid in terms of oxidation weight and it’s powerful capacity to get rid of free radicals. Besides, lycopene has the effects of anti-radiation, stopping cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders, enhancing immunity and delaying aging. And up to now, we’ve not found any report about side effect due to lycopene.

Beans, olive oil, sunflower oil, cabbage, mustard, cabbage, radish and different cruciferous veggies are also wonderful anti-radiation food. Besides, we want consume more oranges, kiwi fruits and different new fruits. Beans, essential olive oil, sunflower fat and cruciferous vegetables are rich in vitamin E, while orange, kiwi good fresh fruit and other fruit are abundant with supplement C. Both supplement E and vitamin D participate in antioxidant supplements, which may have the antioxidation activity. And they can reduce steadily the peroxidatic reaction due to pc radiation. Fresh fruit and veggies also can help reduce radiation. They could make the body alkaline and dissolve toxins in the cells, to ensure that toxic substances could be excreted with urine.

We ought to also consume some dog liver, chicken, egg yolk, broccoli, peas, spinach and therefore on. Most of these food are full of supplement A andβ-carotene. They can not only promote the synthesis of rhodopsin, but additionally produce eyes see points more clearly under black light.

Green tea may reduce the radiation hazards, lipopolysaccharides included by green tea extract can help fight radiation. Besides, green tea is rich in provitamin A, which is often absorbed by the human body and rapidly change in to vitamin A.

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